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Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
No need to mod the motor when a final gear change for $3000 will turn it from wild to super wild. A shorter gearing change is far more beneficial than doing things to change power curves, which adversely affects drivability and reliability. The shorter gearing affects every rpm in every gear equally.

Adding more "peak" power to 335i just imbalances the overall package even further. There's such a drastic fall off in power toward redline that you erase much of the benefit of what you gained at peak. Quoting rwhp numbers isn't any way to compare the actual acceleration capability of two cars. Gearing is a torque multiplier, so what's measured at the crank means little in multi-car comparisons.
Im not dogging the e46 at all. Its an awesome car. I just think you can get more power out of a 335i for a smaller amount of money. Its just all about your goals.

But chipping a 335i gives you 100rwhp and tq all throughout the rpm range not just peak soo.....