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Originally Posted by ace996 View Post
So I took apart the airbox looking for some 'free' ways to increase flow. While the top of the box was off, I really considered the design and have some doubts about the efficiency of the 'ram' effect with the stock box and with the aftermarket scoops. I love the lower scoop (fog-light location) and the intake at the kidney grills, surely they will allow some 'ram' effect but the top opening...the driver's side nostril, I believe, is the problem.

My thought is that the driver's side hood nostril will let any additional ram air pressure out of the box. I don't see that opening creating any positive pressure for the intake, just another place for air to be ingested at high rpm. I really wonder if the hood nostril inlet was closed-off that airbox pressure would be higher at higher speeds.

Your thoughts?

Sincere apologies if i sound a lil stupid and have not much knowlege on the subject of RAM intakes. Using basic common sense and logic to piece my arguement together.

I reckon a RAM air system would not be a waste and i suppose its benefits would be subject to which part of the world you live.

In theory, I reckon M3s that reside in hot and humid countries along the equator line, (i.e. South East Asia, India, Africa) would benefit little from a RAM intake system during the day because of the hot air that may not aid efficient combustion, however with a RAM system would make significant differences when temperatures drop in the evening.

Based on the assumption that you live in the states, the RAM would do you some justice thoughout the seasons of the years especially during Autumn, Winter and Spring when the air masses are likely to be denser and cooler. Times like these i wish i was back living in Aus with my M. lol

Apologies if my logic makes no sense but i figured i'd give it a shot.

Hope my arguement is pretty good cos i just coughed up some money for the GRUPPE M RAM intake system for my E92 M3. Then again my car comes out mostly in the evenings and weekends.
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