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Originally Posted by DJ9 View Post
OMG, I just realized that the "window down rule" was still applicable. How wet was the inside of your car? That is nuts....I think I would have crapped myeself on turn 9.
I remember at least 1 black 135. I think they were in C group.

It wasn't as wet inside as you would have thought from how bad it was on the track. It did however take me a good 15 mins. to dry it out after each session.

Turn 9 and 10 were easy because you just couldn't go that fast. You could pick your way through the shortest puddles and have an OK time. Turn 2 was the most slippery and you had to be careful there. I had the most fun in T4 and T7. You could play with oversteer and practice (I need it).

Sunday was awesome but the track was a little slick, even in the afternoon. All of the good rubber got washed away on Saturday.

Se you on Friday. Anthracite 335 Coupe with matching LTWs and lowered a bit.