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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post

I proudly present my 2009 M3 Jet Black E92 (US Spec). I am pretty sure that this is the first 2009 M3 on this forum. We have all seen plenty of JB before, but I think that these pics should finally put an end to any doubts that anyone is having about iDrive in 2009 models. The single CD slot and, more importantly, new iDrive controller are definitive proof. I had the lady at the dealership take these for me, so I don't have a screenshot of the iDrive menu yet. I don't think it will be necessary because we've already seen some, but I can get one if anyone absolutely must see it.

I am so happy I am out of my skin. Finally I feel that feeling that many of you have felt over the past year. I couldn't relate to it until now. I don't even know what to say! The car actually arrived early Monday, but I didn't want to post anything until I had I have been waiting patiently the last 24 hours. In case you are curious, the car is a Week 36 build, and I am a military sales customer so the car was trucked directly from Munich to the dealership. It got done with production on Friday and went out on the truck first thing Monday morning!

As you can see, the car is a bit dirty from truck transpo up from Munich, but the odometer is at ZERO!!! Like I said, I am incredibly excited. Not only did I want to share with all of you for personal reasons, but I also wanted to post this up right away because I know that many of you US customers who had Week 36 are in a terrible waiting phase while your car crosses the ocean. Hopefully seeing my car will help cure any doubts you might have had.


Big Windy,,, NICE Ride, I almost ordered Black, but got the Melborne Red. Black on black is still my favorite. NICE!!!!!!