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Originally Posted by ArmyBimmerDude View Post
+1 Watching the finals last year, it was obvious that Billups doesn't have much left. He's a huge point guard, but he had trouble defending Clevelands point guards, who are mediocre at best. The only guy in Detroits starting lineup under 30 I think is Prince. The Pistons underachieved for years after Brown left and Dumars had enough of it. More than anyone, if he would get rid of Rasheed. That guy would rather shoot and miss threes than go bang with other big fellas.

Iverson gives them a dynamic scorer and don't underestimate him moving to a team that give him a chance to win a title. I think he's going to be motivated to have a great year. There are players there who are great defenders. He, along with Rip, will be the gunslingers.
Billups had to guard a few players on the other team including Lebron. I think he is a more than capable defender even for a big PG.

As for Rip... The problem I see with his style and AI is that if AI is dashing around, defenders are going to be around. If they are around, there's less room for Rip to run around and use picks to get open for those open jump shots. I'm very interested to see how this is going to work. I would hate to see him lose the Reggie Miller style and be a spot up shooter somewhere.