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Originally Posted by TheAcAvenger View Post
My logic is this.

Dumars knows his time is extremely limited. He knows Rasheed's time is extremely limited. Unfortunately, Boston isn't going anywhere. To make matters worse, they can't even beat Cleveland in the playoffs anymore. Detroit fans, unlike the Knicks fandom of which I am a part of, don't want anything less than a championship.

When you try the same formula 2 years in a row and don't get into the finals, and YOUR players are aging when your CONFERENCE is getting better, there is NOTHING you can do except take one last swing and prepare to rebuild. Chauncey's contract is a long one. Looking at Rasheed's contract as well, they should be within reach of being under the cap in as little as 2 years. (Which is the year that Wade, Bosh, Lebron are all free agents).

In addition, they have the answer (pun intended) to fix the problem they've had in their last 2 playoffs series losses... the inability to score. We've always known these guys can defend. But Rasheed just isn't the reliable 20 pt guy he used to be, and unfortunately, neither was mr. big shot. AI still has it. When you need a bucket, you can still count on him to give it to you. Dumars KNEW that the lineup they've had wouldnt work. Because he tried it twice in the last two years and it didnt work.

The only thing left to do is make one move that wont jeopardize the future. Not only does bringing in AI serve as making that one move, but it actually makes the future a lot more accomodable for future talent.
+1 Watching the finals last year, it was obvious that Billups doesn't have much left. He's a huge point guard, but he had trouble defending Clevelands point guards, who are mediocre at best. The only guy in Detroits starting lineup under 30 I think is Prince. The Pistons underachieved for years after Brown left and Dumars had enough of it. More than anyone, if he would get rid of Rasheed. That guy would rather shoot and miss threes than go bang with other big fellas.

Iverson gives them a dynamic scorer and don't underestimate him moving to a team that give him a chance to win a title. I think he's going to be motivated to have a great year. There are players there who are great defenders. He, along with Rip, will be the gunslingers.
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