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Racying Dynamics
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Originally Posted by HotLap View Post
Ditto - I 'd have to concur with that and add that while the overall shift action is pretty good, the throw could be a bit shorter...not enough to make me switch it out though
Try a SSK, it will resolve the long through issue for sure. I did as did several others and everyone so far is very pleased with their SSK.

Originally Posted by HotLap View Post
Never driven the DCT and probably never will. The 6MT is part of what this car is all about for me, shifting through the gears, using a clutch just completes the experience and that's what works for interest in the DCT no matter how new the technology is or how much faster it can shift than I can manually (don't care) Another thought was I didn't want to be a part of BMW's "beta testing" on the DCT
Hmmm, I think you don't like the DCT!