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Originally Posted by TheAcAvenger View Post
You guys are ridiculous. AI took a team with Matt Geiger, Eric Snow, George Lynch, and Theo Ratliff to the NBA finals. He's not a scrub. He's been stuck in Denver with lame duck George Karl and a wannabe superstar that doesn't understand defense. Denver's had no chance.

Chauncey Billups was on the verge of being a bust until Larry Brown brought that team together. Billups, Hamilton, Prince, and Rasheed? It doesn't get any more well rounded than that. The success of Billups and McDyess were a result of the sum of their parts and good coaches.

Im not saying this was a dumb trade if Detroit's trying to win it this year, i'm just trying to say that the Pistons already have Maxiel, who isn't that much worse than the deteriorating McDyess and they have Stuckey, who's already proven he's ready to play. They had to do SOMETHING different to have a chance at one last Finals run and we'll see if AI's scoring ability is enough to push them over the top.

And AI isn't thumbs down. We're from the same hometown, and I've never seen a guy more dedicated to where he came from and using his wealth and celebrity to better the community from which he came. None of his teammates have ever had a problem with him and that's evident in the way Eric Snow and Camby and even Larry Brown all rant about the way.

Seriously, the negative stereotypes about AI should be left in the late 90s where they belong.
Larry brown also took AI to the finals where he dumped one of the biggest upsets on the threepeat Lakers! I don't doubt both teams got what they needed, and I'm not saying AI has to play at his prime. But I mean... if you were as good as AI was, being a little off isn't that bad... I'm just worried because he does like to pound the ball a lot. I hope he gets forced to play the 2-guard instead of a point.

Now the question for the Pistons is how to play Rip?