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Originally Posted by exdos View Post
I was only stating that the DashDynoSPD is not a toy and not implying or referring to anything else. My only purpose in posting on this thread is that I am trying to be helpful to you guys in providing all the data and information that I have given. I can quite easily keep all this stuff to myself.
I praised your posts earlier, so there is no issue there. You did respond to my post/question and said the device was not a toy. Why feel the need to say that when responding to me? How else was I supposed to interpret it? Anyway, it doesn't matter I guess.

Originally Posted by exdos View Post
I can only suggest that you try a DashDyno SPD for yourself with regards to reading BMW codes etc. I own other non-BMW vehicles besides the M Coupe.
I am only trying to understand if the devide is capable of reading BMW specific codes or not as I am looking for a such device, and if this does that, I might be interested in purchasing it. That's all.