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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Using high quality accelerometers to infer torque output does not mean that you are dealing with a toy. If you are referring to the iPhone software that is on the market, that’s not what I am referring to, but that is not a high precision setup. Use a high precision setup and you'll have solid data. So, you need to tone down the language and attitude here.

Using vehicle speed data and processing it in conjunction with rpm data can yield relevant outcomes if the vehicle model that is being used is comprehensive and valid.

Is the tool you are using specific to BMWs? If it is a general OBDII tool, it shouldn't let you read/interpret BMW specific codes.
I was only stating that the DashDynoSPD is not a toy and not implying or referring to anything else. My only purpose in posting on this thread is that I am trying to be helpful to you guys in providing all the data and information that I have given. I can quite easily keep all this stuff to myself.

I can only suggest that you try a DashDyno SPD for yourself with regards to reading BMW codes etc. I own other non-BMW vehicles besides the M Coupe.