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Socal Dealers for 1200 mile service

Yes, another dealer question . I searched around, but didn't find any solid leads.

So I bought the E90 M3 from Long Beach, but live 5mins away from Shelly. I've been wanting to give Shelly a chance, even with all the neg responses. I almost tried them with my old M, but the car got totalled. Then I almost gave them a chance with my 335, but I ended up selling it for my current M. Here I am again, checking around for responses on Shelly.

Anyone taken their M into Shelly yet? Any good comments? Good SA's there? I haven't seen any comments on Long Beach's service. Anyone have a good experience with Long Beach for service? I want to either use Shelly cuz it's close, or Long Beach cuz they'll most likely give me a loaner.

Anyone have a good experience with a good SA at either of these dealers?