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Racying Dynamics
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Originally Posted by trumanhw View Post
It was an aggregated reply to all the nonsensical objections, and a [imho] MORE sensible understanding of what value things have. Some people quibble about the 335 being more bang for the buck, but are comparing apples to oranges; focusing strictly on HP, which in and of itself ignores the REAL quest; TORQUE. HP is a static product of a normally aspirated engine in most cases... keep the air coming in and going out - and its going to be there, PROPORTIONAL to torque. TORQUE, brake control, manageability, and cornering speed are where it's at, if we're talking performance - and if we're talking street performance - its all this without adding to the cop-attention factor.
Yea I do agree with most but not with torque, I don't agree that either is less or more important. Torque is simply low end hp!! A lambo or F430 Farrari have very little torque just like the M3, but lots of hp.