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Originally Posted by Glacked View Post
Kennel, kennel, kennel. You might need to get on it now to find one you like. My dogs love our kennel. Make sure you have a copy of your pets shot records with you if you go somewhere other than your vet. They will need to know they are up on everything and most want to know when their last kennel cough nose stuff was given.
+1! and if you find one that you and him like, stick with it

BUT if he is not neutered, you might have a problem. Our dog was a bit oversexed his first trip in (he was 8 months old and not "chopped" yet). You know how Viagra says "if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, seek medical help", well, the lil guy spent 3 days with a hard-on because of the sexy female Cocker Spaniel 3 cages over. He was on steroids for 2 weeks after that. One good thing about the kennel was that they didn't ruin our trip by making a big drama about it, they just moved him and started him on the steroids. If it was serious, they would have called, but since it was not, they didn't. Now that he's neutered, it's not a problem and he loves that kennel.
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