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Originally Posted by exdos View Post
Not only do I have a datalogger, I also have a Dwyer Magnehelic pressure gauge which is a very accurate measuring device to detect air pressure differentials. You can pick these up on ebay for very little money see: If you decide to buy one, get one which has a range of around 6 inches of water. The gauge has three ports, to which you can attach some flexible tubing (fish tank stuff) and from these ports you can pass 5 or 6 metre length(s) of tubing(s) from the gauge mounted in your car to anywhere around the car (for aerodynamic measurements) or into your air intake system to see how your air-intake works. You can then record the air pressure changes under all the different driving scenarios to form a mental picture of what is happening under different scenarios: i.e cruising or Wide Open Throttle (WOT) at different speeds and in different gears.
I've been planning to do exactly that with 3 pressure sensors. I haven't had the time, but I think I will get a chance to get this done soon for the M3. I have the instruments; just a matter of collecting and analyzing the data. Great posts by the way! I haven't had to read them in detail, but it seems like there is good info there. Also, do you know what kind of accelerometer the DashDyno unit is using to estimate torque? How many axis?

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