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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
Sorry you feel that way.
Clearly you are not the type we'd want there anyway.

It's about enjoying each others cars, seeing what mods they have and having some In and Out Burger.
If ANYBODY tries talking smack about anything, they will be asked to back off.

Have you ever been to a track or dragstrip. People appreciate other people's cars, it's not a smack down to see who has the fastest car.
People may act like kids with the cover of the internet, but in person we are all adults and just enjoy cars...we are all car enthusiasts.

Would love to have some fun, friendly M3 owner/owners attend.
Again, let me know.
I appreciate your sentiment here, but you need to keep in mind the history of posts made by several 335 owners on this forum. I realize they most likely are not representative of the 335 owners in general, but we could not talk about anything about the new M3 without one of those guys chiming in and making off topic remarks about how one must be status oriented and/or stupid to buy an M3 when one can have the same amount of power at the wheels for much less and so on. (There is nothing wrong with having a technical M3 vs 335 discussion, which I often participated in, but most of that back and forth was about something else). I didn't even own an M3 at time (I guess nobody could since it wasn't released in the US), and I wasn't even certain that I would buy one, but boy, that type of talk lasted several months...

I would have considered showing up if you were in the area. I need a baseline before I start messing with my car. What kind of dyno will you be using?...Anyway, you guys have fun around the dyno!