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Originally Posted by HotLap View Post
Driver - thanks for the invite...I have possible plans that day but will keep it in mind. I'd like to see the tuned 335i's and since I have an M3 and 535i it would be great to see some of those as well. I just picked up the M3 and am trying to get it over the 1200 mile break in period/first service. I'd also be interested in seeing any other M3 owners there with aftermarket exhaust as I'm in the market for exhaust for the M...sounds like a good time

PS would also be great to see a 535 with the Dinan s/w upgrade as I have been contemplating that upgrade for a while now.
Sweet dude.
Man if you could come and bring both the M3 and the 535i that would be ideal.
Don't sweat the 1200 miles too much.
I dynoed my first 335i with about that many miles on it then had Shiv install a PROcede.
Went back to the same dyno 2 months later with 3000+ miles on it and dynoed like 2-3 rwhp less. So the additional break in miles meant nothing.
There's lots of people who believe a good hard break in does best for the car anyway.

Just take the car out on a nice Sunday drive before hand and put another 100-200 miles on her.

Definitely let me know asap if you can make it.
It would be awesome.