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This song means a lot to me and others, please listen to the whole thing. My friend is close with Daron (The main guitarist and vocalist) in the band. And when this band (Scars on Broadway) was performing at the "Whiskey" on sunset, Daron started crying on stage while he was playing this song, everyone in the crowd was shocked, my friend talked to him and told him why he was crying and what this song means, and this is what Daron said...

"This song, means a lot to me, I wrote it. Im slowly dying from drugs that im taking. I don't know what to do, I need help. Im trying to find help through my songs and fans."

then my friend said. Why don't you just stop if its killing you..?

Daron said "The only way I make my fans happy and make them appreciate my music is when I'm on drugs or on something, because sober I cant do anything right, I have tried and failed. When I'm on something, my mind makes everything click together and the lyrics and notes come more easier to make."

When my friend told me this, I was like WTF!? That's one of the most saddest things I have heard.

.....Oh btw, if you listen to the lyrics, you can hear Daron say "Is their anybody here, that hears my crying. I'm dying"

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