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Originally Posted by dvpouldar26 View Post
Very nice! Are you going to crank down those KW's for SEMA? Nice SSK. What exhaust is that? It looks like Borla. One of my favorite m3's.
thanks and nope. 21's are on the car right now and all four corners are tucking.. looks pretty sick. and yeah, borla.

Originally Posted by SpencerM3 View Post
Drool worthy

Where were those pics taken? i live all of 5 mins from Center BMW.
thanks, tampa and ventura.. carls jr.. the back parking lot.

Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Looks great - really like those wheels.
thanks, let me know if you want a set.

Originally Posted by Krueger///M3 View Post
Awesome car, why no one in Socal have plates on their car though?
i dont know about other people but i didnt put them on because of the cameras.. they take pictures of us when your making a right, going past a yellow, all that b.s. i rather just pay the 10$ plate ticket.

Originally Posted by Xcellere View Post
Dude I don't know what you were talking about, the Vorsteiner diffuser looks great on your car. BTW, nice choice in going with the CF lip exposed on the trunk.
LOL thanks.. i guess once i put the black m3 badge it started growing on me

Originally Posted by McLuVan View Post
sick car josh
if you don't mind me asking
what's member 11-99 foundation?
I've seen a lot but have no idea what it is
thanks, it means you donated to the chp foundation.

Originally Posted by chompino View Post
Your car looks amazing man!! Maybe I'll see you on the road tomorrow!
thanks chad, i ended up leaving at 2:45 instead of 11.. got there at 5:45 and missed my flight ill see u thursday

Originally Posted by torredresen View Post
Not into the bootlid much;but for some reason it fit yours, what a great ride your M is...
And I definetly love the rims you got!!
Now some Brembo's to make it perfect?
Drive safe
thanks, soon.. i have alot more mods on the way.

Originally Posted by lizak187 View Post
ill be there ...ill have to introduce myself...looks awesome
hopefully, i'll see you there.. ill be there wednesday-friday

Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
Very nice. Only thing I don't like is how the left and right edge of the painted part of the rear diffuser don't sit tight against the car. I think the gap is more noticeable when painted as yours is. Car looks good though.
thanks, guess i have to blame peter for the bad mold.

Originally Posted by Pimp Star View Post
If you do not mind, I want to steal your car, mate with it, and sell the babies.
sure, i dont mind lol

Originally Posted by SGSMGM3 View Post
you have a close up of the shift knob?
not yet, sorry. i'll do it next weekend.. with the different wheels

Originally Posted by SpencerM3 View Post
Funny you say that. I think it's so lame how many people here in L.A. never put plates on their cars. I notice this more often with nicer, some what higher end cars. It's as if they want people to think that the car is new for what ever reason. You see it ALOT on Mercedes, in particular one's driven by Persians, which for that matter is just about every 3rd MBZ on the road
well, i'm not like that but whatever floats your boat.. i can careless.. i told everyone i got the car in august and its a 08.. i have nothing to hide.

Originally Posted by Reincarnated View Post

thanks for all the comments fellas.
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