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Originally Posted by blakepilot View Post
i have to disagree. first, i don't think it's at&'s got to be verizon. all CDMA carriers got into the SMS game really late. back in the day, when receiving a SMS on a CDMA carrier, you used to have to pull of web browser to view or send an SMS. it has always been shady at best texting someone on a CDMA network from a GSM network. i never have trouble texting anyone on a GSM carrier like at&t or t-mo because SMS was designed for use on GSM while it was merely adapted for CDMA carriers.

secondly, there really isn't anything wrong with at&t's network. it's the largest GSM network in the country and i haven't had any coverage or dropped call issues in years. all i ever hear about verizon anywhere outside of the tri-state area is that verizon sucks. CDMA = old skool.
Not sure how it is in Texas, but in Georgia I've never had an issue at all with dropped calls or coverage problems. In fact, since I chose the bottom floor of my building, the only provider that works in here is Verizon.

I was searching for a different cell phone provider, found the website below to get an idea of what people in this city thought. Again, this is just for Augusta, but read the reviews and tell me AT&T comes remotely close to Verizon. Verizon pricing sucks, but thats about it for me.

Just for the hell of it, here's Dallas reviews:

Maybe you're lucky where you are, and you certainly sound like you understand how carriers work, but Cingular providers here cannot wait for their contracts to expire to get out of AT&T.
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