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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
I don't want to be there so don't worry about it. I guess it is all the 335 owners with their M3 envy and their feeling of inadequacy necessitating every comparison, even dyno's, needing to be stacked up to the M3 to justify their cars.

Have fun at the event.
Again, sorry you feel that way.
I don't care if someone brings a Ferrari, there would be no feelings of inadequacy by anybody.
Maybe you need to solve your apparent "superiority" issues you clearly have.
Obviously you are not a true car enthusiast.
You have a nice, great car and feel you think anybody with a "lesser" car is not worthy of you and looks at you with envy.
You clearly have issues you need to resolve.
Good luck to you with that.
Do me a favor Sticky, please do not respond further to this thread, you are contributing nothing and only bringing negative vibes. Thanks!

Again, any mature M3 owners want to attend, we'd love to have you there and would enjoy the opportunity to hang out with you and look over the awesome M3.