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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
Sorry you feel that way.
Clearly you are not the type we'd want there anyway.

It's about enjoying each others cars, seeing what mods they have and having some In and Out Burger.
If ANYBODY tries talking smack about anything, they will be asked to back off.

Have you ever been to a track or dragstrip. People appreciate other people's cars, it's not a smack down to see who has the fastest car.
People may act like kids with the cover of the internet, but in person we are all adults and just enjoy cars...we are all car enthusiasts.

Would love to have some fun, friendly M3 owner/owners attend.
Again, let me know.
I don't want to be there so don't worry about it. I guess it is all the 335 owners with their M3 envy and their feeling of inadequacy necessitating every comparison, even dyno's, needing to be stacked up to the M3 to justify their cars.

Have fun at the event.