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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
Not even in the slightest.
I think anybody with a chipped 335i knows that though they may have a faster car in a straight line, the M3 will kick it's but on a track.

That's not the point anyway.
It's just a nice get together.
Plus we ALL love the sound of the M3's too, so it would be fun.
Trust me, the guy with the M3 that shows up will get a lot of us drooling over there car.

As for looking up "other" dynos of M3's
Heck we could all do that with our cars too.
I was one of the first to post a dyno of production run tuned 335i.
I dynoed my car as it is now a couple months ago, and will do it again anyway.

The reason for having an M3 their is for variety and to see how it does on the same dyno, same day as the rest of the bunch. Not too mention, just another excuse to look at an M3 again.

Let me know if you are interested, I know the 335i guys would be excited to have you there too.
They may have a faster car in a straight line? Sorry, I think it is the other way around. It is obvious what the dyno day is about, for 335 owners to stroke themselves. I can't wait until boost finally hits for the M3 so I can just shut 335 owners the f**k up once and for all.