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Initial Powerchip ECU and DCT pulley impressions

So, as some may know, my car has been at Evosport getting a few things done to it. I just got it back today, and, I am extremely pleased.

The powerchip tune provided gains of 20 wheel hp. My car dyno'd 369 before the pulley with software alone. 20 hp gain from baseline of 349. There will be graphs and more details shortly but just wanted to give my initial impressions.

My friend has a 390 wheel STI with a GT30R turbo. His car runs low 12's / high 11's @ 115 mph. Before when we ran (when I was stock), in the low gears he would clearly pull right off the bat and then I would slowly catch up to around 130. His car was definitely faster and stronger down low.

We did a few pulls today, and, there is no pulling off the bat anymore. We are dead even 1st, 2nd, and then from 3rd into 4th I pull. I had a good 2-3 cars up top and the longer we went the stronger my car was.

I also ran into a friend with a stock 6 speed M3. Well, too good of an opportunity to pass up and he was curious as to what the difference would be. We did two runs from a 20 mph first gear roll, and I clearly start to pull in first and it just continues. I would say a conservative 6 car lead to 130.

The difference in the car isn't night or day or anything, it is just the same character but stronger. It isn't some kind of beast, just more power delivered in the same manner with a slightly fatter curve.

I will have numbers from the track Saturday and I am running drag radials. California Speedway is a slow track at 1300 elevation and it is HOT, but we will see how I compare to the other cars. For now, I am extremely pleased. Here are a couple pics (from Iphone) and much more to come:
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