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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
You should've kept the STI as a track car.
I hear you...but there were several reasons why I sold (traded-in) the STI...perhaps when we meet I'll bore you by explaining.

This past season, it wasn't my track '05Elise was. My first and only trackday with it at PoconoFUSA (first time on this track...not a Lotus track - count how many seconds a lap I was "full-throttle"...unreal) on 3yr old stock tires...
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I had it for jut onetrack day and although it was the most communicative car I've ever driven, it was slow as a pig and at 6'4" was a little too small for me...

I figured I'd trade them both in for a car I could take to work and do a few track days a year with...I still miss the V8s of my prior CTS-V and Z06...and the M3 fit the bill perfectly: a car that fits in at work (I'm a private banker), it has a stick (a must as my wife and I only drive sticks), a great chassis that is more than track-worthy, and a screaming V8. Also, really track-prepping the car would be horrendously expensive with it so I effectively blocked myself from modding the "nice/class" out of it. My trackday schedule will be no more than 5 days a year now, as I've been blessed with a second son, and the need for a separate track car just isn't there.

But I've been cursed with being faithful to my wife but very fickle with my cars. She said if I can keep it for 2 years, she'll take it...and that frees me up for another round of the insanity that is finding a track-car... I'd really love setting-up a dedicated/ferocious 930... never owned a P-car before...and the 930 was "the car" when I was younger.
This stupidity never ends...

I look forward to us meeting up and sharing tarmac next year...

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