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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
What does the light between your left and middle guage on top the dash indicate? The one lap was a 2:27. That's quite fast on street tires.
That light told me when the methanol-injection was spraying... A custom tune, a full catless exhaust, and methanol/water injection gave me almost 70rwhp/130rwtq...last tune had 320rwhp/380rwtq. I'll miss that car's midrange rush...

I only recorded half the track runs and only on the second (wet) day. My PBox showed my fastest lap of the weekend at a 2:20 the day full first day on WGI. I was sliding the car WAAAAY too much for safety's were toasted...but with the STI it was just too easy.

I'm goingto Limerock on November1st with PDA and will have video and datalogging. I'm very familiar with LRP, but not since the re-do. I'd like to shoot for my street-tire time of my STI of 1:03.5...but I'm not comfortable driving the M with the same aggression, yet. My last track day there...

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