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Originally Posted by King Tut View Post
The only thing I miss from not getting the Premium Package is the Homelink mirror as weak as that sounds. I have seen some retrofits on other E92/E90s, but none on an M3 yet. I will probably give it a go at some time.
You know Tut, I've had mine for over a month and still have yet to program the damn thing. From what I understand from reading the manual, its a bit of a pain in the ass when you have the rolling code type like mine.

As for the compass mirror - I was relying on the thing during a trip and for whatever reason it got stuck on NW and wouldn't change no matter where I turned. I told my wife I wanted to trade her for her "normal" mirror. Additionally I never use the folding sideviews, although its kinda neat I suppose. Bottom line though is that I never would have ordered premium myself, but it was spec'd on this car and I bought it off the lot.
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