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Originally Posted by HIS4 View Post
Damn, two of you guys coming to Hawaii next week. I hope it stops raining for you guys while you're here. We tend to have long periods of rain during the winter months. I'd say its rained at least 20 days in October so far.

Getting back on topic, can someone explain what these scopps are supposed to do because I don't really get it? Doesn't air come in that way anyway?
I don't get it either...
There's mixed opinions and plenty of emotion tied up in these scoops... supposedly they were designedto 1) help ram air into he intake and 2) shield the intake from any heat that rises from the radiator.
To offer my opinion...
The scoops were not designed for the M3, they are a carry-over item from other vehicle applications...335/M5M6.... as we have a distinctive airbox - there are three inlets. The first, largest suppplier of air, is where the driver's foglight should go. The second, where the scoops are employed, are behind the kidney grills...this is a smaller inlet. The third, is the hood inlet...supposedly meant to allow fresh air to circulate under lower load and keep airbox temps low, and allow another inlet of air when load is high.

There are several threads as to what they do..., I do not believe they can make power with our airbox but you can make your own judgement... - some very interesting points of debate here - some calmer discussion of the airbox

Jury is still out as to the effectiveness of these scoops on our cars and the negative effects of blocking the radiator. Time will bring the truth...

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