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Originally Posted by torredresen View Post
Dude, where the hell is this going again? First the Repo of the pix, than this endless discussion about age and M3's! It's not about age, it"s about maturity!


I wish I had an M3 at a young age, but I don't begrudge the youngsters getting such a nice car even if their parents paid for it. There's no reason an 18 year old guy cannot drive an M3 safely. A 50 year old dude with a Prius can kill himself just as easily as an 18 year old with an M3. You just have to have enough discipline to not take chances, in any car. It is not age, but maturity that counts. Unfortunately, the majority of 18 year olds don't have the required maturity, whereas most 50 year olds do. But you just can't say that of ALL 18 or 50 year olds.

So, at what age is it safe for you to drive an M3? It totally depends on you.

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