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When installing springs how tight do you tighten the top perch nut?

One thing I've always wondered when I install suspension is how tight should the top perch bolts be tightened? Since the strut tower is threaded, what if the two sides are uneven? Couldn't that make the ride height different on both sides?

I've attached a pic (thanks Speedtrap for the borrowed pic). Say for instance the top nut is tightened to 1 on one side and 2 on the other. Won't the ride height be different on both sides? Or is the general rule of thumb to make both sides about even?

Also ... if you tighten both sides to position 1 or both to position 2 won't that yield different ride heights? That's a good inch right there. I know those positions are extreme ends of the threads, but I'm just trying to make my point here.

Or am I just being overly anal? Haha.
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