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Originally Posted by BMW-M-Mexico View Post
No argument here Sticky, but these engines are not a 1 on 1 in terms of displacement. That is to say, not because you have more displacement means you can boost the power up as you did before. I of course may be entirely wrong and accept this, but I doubt it if AA or anyone can rework internals, all the pluming and intercoolers, etc..., etc... for under $15 grand and reliably achieve a 700bhp (over 600whp) out of the S65 V8 engine!! I just don't see it. But, I suppose only time will tell.

+1!! Oh, and here is the link the the Hamman 560bhp V10, it’s based on a regular 3 series coupe with an M3 kit etc…, etc…, and does not appear to have the M-diff that if installed am almost certain would allow this car, especially with the huge 325s in the rear, to reach 0-60 below 4.0 seconds.
If they do rework the stock internals, for huge gains, it will be well over 15k.

On stock internals I am expecting 525 rwhp. I mentioned 600 wheel as to what the internals were capable of handling, I don't think any supercharged E46 M3 hit this number, the turbo cars did.

Either way, it is going to be fun to see what happens.