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Right now I'm 21. My father/grandfather gave me their old 1994 400e when i turned 16 adn got my learner's permit. It was fast enough, and old enough that they were comfortable having me drive it. But it would break down often so after a few months, my dad got me a new 2003 bmw 325i automatic. I still only had my permit, so I drove with either him or my mom. I tried my best to learn all the rules of the road and follow them, even if my parents didn't. I took learning how to drive a car quickly, very slowly and carefully.

After having the 325i for almost a year I started to enjoy driving quickly, under the careful eye of my dad. Along the way, he's let me drive his cars, which included at the time a MB CL500 and other pretty fast cars. Then the summer before college in 2005 he got me a new E90 330i manual; I was about 18 years old. I knew, and my dad helped me realize, that a car can be a dangerous thing especially in the hands of a young adult. I continued to follow the rules of the road much better than my friends, a few of which had gotten into accidents even with a slow car. I knew that I had to respect the cars I was able to drive or else I'd become another another stereotypical young adult whose mommy and daddy bought a nice car for who went and destroyed it and killed other people.

Keeping that in mind, I've never been in an accident. I'm careful and try to keep it calm and cool when I drive quickly and have some fun. I know if I acted like a kid with even my 325i, that I'd get into trouble.
Age isn't the final issue: someone said maturity is, and it's up to the young adult and the parents to figure out if he has enough maturity to recognize his own inexperience and faults. I've been driving my dad's other cars too(not just the bimmers he's bought me): Ferrari 360, Ford GT, Maseratis, even the newest M5... never harmed any of them.

Back this year in about May, my dad bought himself the new M3 and after a month handed it down to me. Since June I've been driving the M3 and despite being 21 with a ridiculously fast car, I've never even been close to having an accident. ANYONE who owns an M3 has to respect it and take a good look at their own selves. That's what I've been doing and thanks to that I have not become "just another rich spoiled kid who ruined daddy's cars" stereotype.
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