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Originally Posted by Active Autowerke View Post
Sorry about the delay guys. We finally had time to make it over to a dynojet on Friday. Here is the dyno chart.

Base run : Stock Car (Similar conditions , same dyno, different day )

Middle run : Active Autowerke Signature Pulley Kit, Active Autowerke Signature Exhaust (same day as High Run)

High Run: AA Bolt on Mods ( Pulley and Exhaust ) and Active Autowerke Performance Software. (same day as middle run) - We lost a little bit of torque due to the more aggressive throttle openings with our software. This can be adjusted to your preference.

Just curious and in no way trying to doubt your figures; but I am sure peeps in here would like to know how the HP would break down in terms of adding e.g just the Active Autowerke Signature Pulley Kit? and then adding the Active Autowerke Signature Exhaust? and then remap? are you able to give us the breakdown? All I am saying is that the increase can come simply from just adding the Active Autowerke Signature Pulley Kit or even just the Active Autowerke Signature Exhaust or both without the remap? Many thanks.