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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
They are going to boost the stock internals first. Just like they did with the E46 M3, which was capable of over 600 wheel on 11.5:1 with less displacement. Should be under 15k again, they are using a Vortech T-trim.
No argument here Sticky, but these engines are not a 1 on 1 in terms of displacement. That is to say, not because you have more displacement means you can boost the power up as you did before. I of course may be entirely wrong and accept this, but I doubt it if AA or anyone can rework internals, all the pluming and intercoolers, etc..., etc... for under $15 grand and reliably achieve a 700bhp (over 600whp) out of the S65 V8 engine!! I just don't see it. But, I suppose only time will tell.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I'm not sure of the details, I just assumed it had an M3 rear. Still, after a few years, you could spend $15k on an s/c kit for an E46 M3 and get a 50%-75% gain in whp. Only time will tell but I'm thinking that s/c kits will come out much faster for the E9x M3 than it did for the E46 M3. It took a couple of years to see reliable kits for the E46.

Personally, I think I will leave well enough alone with my future car
+1!! Oh, and here is the link the the Hamman 560bhp V10, it’s based on a regular 3 series coupe with an M3 kit etc…, etc…, and does not appear to have the M-diff that if installed am almost certain would allow this car, especially with the huge 325s in the rear, to reach 0-60 below 4.0 seconds.