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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
The bowl is sure a lot of fun. Need to experience it in person to appreciate the elevation change (down and up) while breaking, turning, and climbing. I am turning a bit too early. I need another meter or so before dialing it in. I have more video, but need to digitize first. The track is bumpy though. It must be though to deal with on a motorbike, especially out of turn 10 down the hill.
Next to Watkins Glenn...NHIS is my has everything - elevation, twisties, straights...and that Bowl...felt like I could drag my ear in that turn.

Yes, there was a bump just at the end of the downhill left, just at the start of the right hander. They had an air-bag wall there, on top of the armco, to keep us from cutting it too close or hitting too hard. Well, I decide togo inside a little too close and nicked my helmet on the airbag wall...cracked a vent on my helmet!!! I never forgot the sick feeling I had after that mind-fart....closest I ever came to...well, you know.
Needless to say I didn't cut that corner ever again.

We await more footage!!!

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