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Originally Posted by xxballinboi786 View Post
Polls are only useful if the people voting know what they're talking about!

I've had the iphone 1st gen, iphone 3g, and now I have the G1. The G1 is hands down a better phone. I love the keyboard, although at first it felt kind of small. The screen on the iphone is perhaps the only feature that is better than the G1...and that advantage is only marginal. Please don't listen to the iphone fanboys. Try both phones if you can. I'm sure you know someone who has an iphone, and t-mo reps will let you test out the g phone. Tell us what you think!
So you're saying the G1's web browsing is better then the iPhone's when almost every review has the iPhone's Safari being better? Do go out and try both phones though. The G1 is the closest competitor to the iPhone currently.

Originally Posted by samwoo2go View Post
well my problem is iphone with att means I pay more per month ($195 vs $145) but I get to keep my number. G1 with tmobile means I pay less per month but I gotta change my number (and I absolutely hate changing my number, haven't changed my number for over 5 years)
You can keep the same number. It is law now that carriers will have to transfer your current number to the new carrier if you switch.