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Originally Posted by rasi54 View Post
The vibration occurs with light brake pedal application and gets worse after 7-8 laps on the track. This I sense is rotors, yes I know the pads aren't adequate for track events, but some people have no problems.
Actually, it's the stock pads melting on the rotors when pushed hard at the track. If you drive it around for 3-4 weeks, it goes away. I went through that cycles 3 times with the exact same outcome; the vibration going eventually going. Then I started using track pads, and that solved the problem. I was also told I needed new front tires. I said that's BS, and ignored them. I am glad that I did as that would have been wasted $800.

Regardless, your rotors will wear out faster. They might refuse to do rotors for you twice a year, and that's understandable, but I don't see how they can touch the rest of the warranty.

The other thing to do is to get track wheels/tires. That way your stock tires stay in good shape and they can't complain about this or that.

I spoke with Will Turner at the track the other week about stainless lines. He said he does not think the car needs them.

The major pain in the ass is to swap pads and wheels each time at the track. Nothing beats a dedicated track car on a trailer when it comes to that, which is what I am thinking about doing (not with my current M3).