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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
I'm not talking about THIS or THAT, I'm talking specifically about starving the engine on air. In this day in age, with emissions being such a concern and gas mileage. In theory or as claimed by other users this little piece of plastic can improve MPG by 1-2 and has no negative effects plus add more power, that it somehow would've gotten overlooked or opted against? That BMW didn't leave big enough inlets for the M3 to get enough air up to 8,400 RPM. In this particular instance it just sounds a bit odd to me.

As I said, I have no data to back this up. I'm also not claiming to be right, it's just a thought I have on the subject of more air in this engine. Just posted it up here to see if anyone else thought it's a little strange BMW would've missed this "simple" improvement on the car.
What you don't seem to see is that BMW didn't "miss" it. Even F430's can be made more efficient.