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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
My theory is that it's function is not to perform like a vent it just so happens air comes out of it when not at full throttle. It is strictly there to provide enough air intake at full throttle. I also think that BMW did enough research to provide enough intakes in this car for air to get in. Therefore adding more intake spots or scoops or anything similar is a waste. You're going to get to a major restriction at the air filter and then through the rest of the intake into the cylinders. If the car wasn't getting all the air it needed don't you think BMW would've just put a bigger hole in the hood?? Does anyone really think BMW just released a ///M car that is starved of air? I'm willing to bet the only way you will get more air into the combustion chamber is to add some sort of FI that physically squeezes/pushes more air not only through the filter but all the way into the cylinders.

I have no evidence to support my theory, but just find it very strange that with all the R&D that goes into these cars that they would somehow starve it of air.
Why didn't BMW lean the cars out a bit for more power?

Why didn't BMW run more advanced timing for more power?

Why didn't BMW gear the car shorter?

There are concessions that need to made, on any car. They made the decisions that they felt worked best for the car in every market. A design can be refined and enhanced further. I wonder if BMW ever thought E46 M3's would be hitting 1000 wheel hp?

BMW releases intake improvements with their own performance products. Even they admit their designs can be made more efficient once solely going for the goal of power.

Your talk about why BMW didn't do this or that on the M cars, the scoops have already shown, with lots of data to support it, gains on modern M vehicles. The scoops make use of the efficient factory design, this is not a BMW flaw. BMW could not block the radiator as the scoops do.