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Having gone through the system myself a few years ago, does he go to a public or private HS? Public HS, his chances are probably...

NYU - Yes, Stern for finance is harder by a bit but doable with what he has
BU - Yes
Babson - Yes
Georgetown - If it's SFS (School of Foreign Services), maybe, Georgetown College, probably not
GWU - Yes
UPenn - Not likely, it's a reach and Wharton is most likely impossible

Private school opens up perhaps Georgetown College, UPenn still difficult, Cornell may be a better bet. If he wants to go into Finance, he shouldn't rule out UMich either. Not that easy to get into out of state but their undergraduate business school is very good.

Call me crazy or pessimistic, and I did go to a pretty crazy public HS, but I had friends with 2300s and president/VP positions in numerous clubs, did sports, and 3.9x weighted GPAs get rejected from UPenn, Columbia, and the like, and you can add me to that list as well.

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