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Originally Posted by Heat00 View Post
no, I haven't read the manual yet, only had the car for 3 days...

are you saying I have to go in at 1200 miles for oil? LOL

in my 335, they would even talk to me until 15,000 miles..

of course I did em every 7,500...

and I'm assuming the 1,200 is included right?? No charge?
Yes it's to drain the "break-in" fluid on the M engines. So until then avoid wide open throttle and shift below 5500rpms.

Yes the first oil service is free. They'll also replace the differential fluid and I think the transmission fluid on the 6MT.

It's also a good idea to keep one liter of Castrol 10W-60 in the trunk because M engines like to burn oil... especially if the engine isn't broken-in properly.
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