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Warning: This is a test of the SWS-8 driven by the Premium (Individual) Audio OEM amp. As I found out before, the OEM underseat woofers are approximately 7 ohms in impedance, so driving the 4 ohms SWS-8 by the OEM amp is not recommended, as it will cause the OEM amp to overheat.

Findings: Leaving all my EQ/Bass/Treble the same as before (OEM subs vs. SWS-8), I played three iPod songs with increasing heavy, techno bass that I knew sounded pretty well with the OEM woofers:

a) The Sound of Goodbye- Armin van Buuren
b) Submariner- Axwell
c) Mandarine Girl- Booka Shade

My very first impression is that with the SWS-8 there is a very apparent increase in bass at low volume that was not there before. The higher the volume the louder and deeper the bass became over the OEM woofers. By the time Mandarine Girl was playing the OEM amp went in protection (as expected).

I have to say that just before the protection shut down, I was very, very, very happy.

As anybody that has replaced the OEM woofers with SWS-8 can tell you, it is the best single upgrade that you can make to any of the BMW OEM audio systems. Just add a dedicated aftermarket amp and let it impress you.