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I was waiting for some attention lolol.. I've been trying to sell them for 3 month's now..19 inch oem.. mint condition.. Two wheels have some curb rash.. You would notice if you bent over and I showed you were thay are.. Getting my mail one morning and got a little to close to curb,,, Mad about it .. But I'm sure it would happen to some one sooner or later.. I can fix them for 75.00 a wheel... Just busy.. And I'm going to get some bbs ch black.. I had people pm me..But thay wanted to give me peanuts for them.. So firm 1800.00 with you paying for shipping.. 4600 mile's on them.. Also the ps2 with tms have 90 percent tread.... Is this enough detail??? I can post picture's..But busy...Plus here in michigan... I'd keep them on till first snow fall.. Then storage... The bbs would be strickly May to Oct....Also oem wheels is good resale if I decide to sell...By the way I've seen some replica wheel's... Thay are heavy and the quailty is not there.. Plus why would anyone put replice wheels on a 70 K car... You might vibrate with them,also thay are not strong...Con's and pro's.... I might take the front tire's..But not the tps..For a better deal.. Pm.. thanks..