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Intensive HPDE at NHMS

I was at a BMW CCA event last Friday. 3.5 hours of track time in one day. Two groups of students and an instructor group. 1x30 and 3x45 minute sessions. I haven't been on the track for 45 minutes non-stop, and it was a really eye opening experience. It really does wipe you out, especially if you do it 3 times with 45 minute breaks in the middle.

I was driving solo in run group 2 (intermediate), and the instructors were free to go out in their cars with either group 1 or 2, which leads to cars with significant speed differential on the track (no beginners or novices, groups 3 or 4), which was meant to simulate endurance driving conditions. Will Turner showed up in the Turner E90 M3, and gave us some pointers about endurance driving during lunch, which was informative. Talked about how to preserve the car and yourself. You'll see me giving him a point by in the clip, and to the instructor who was chasing him. They are both very good. You'll also see a GTR in my run group in the video. Its owner was clearly not pushing it to its potential though.

I had a fresh set of PSCs on the car. A huge improvement over the PS2s. Things still got mushy after about 30 minutes of hard driving though, and I learned a great deal about how to preserve the tires.

I did the first session with MDM, and then turned DSC off completely. The MDM lap turned out to be a second faster (this was a non-timed event since it was a driving school, so I am judging from the video). Mainly because I was being careful with the car with DSC off, and partially because of traffic.

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