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Originally Posted by Crimson92 View Post
i am pissed to the core...i was looking foreward to a new kotor...and got a pos mmo

knock knock, hey lucasarts ever hear of final fantasy 11
There are a few reasons why they chose to go the MMO route. First and foremost... piracy. Its damn near impossible to pirate and play a MMO on a live server. (and who would want to play one on a private server? boring) Secondly, if they chose to make it a normal KOTOR game, this iteration being KOTOR3, they would have to make plans all the way up to releasing a KOTOR6. It was stated that TOR is going to have more content in it alone than every other game they have ever made put together would have. That is damn impressive if true. So, instead of doing 3 more additional KOTOR games, they are doing 1 MMO that will be constantly updated and improved on over time. Basically, you'll still get your storyline but you can play through it with other poeple now. And the story is where they are focusing here. Which takes me to point three, there are two things to mention about the story aspect of the game. Most MMOs in todays market are very poor story-content wise. What they are trying to do with TOR is create a story heavy MMO where you arent arbitrarily killing 15 wolves, you are killed 10 stormtroopers that ravagers your neighbor. Something that has significance to your toon or player. They will also provide quests that you can manipulate. Instead of killing 10 stormtroopers, maybe you can find another way of gettin the quest completed... manipulate someone else to do it, or manipulate the quest giver that you did do the task when you actually did not (mind trick?). The other STORY related benefit of doing an MMO is that they want the choices you make (light or dark) to matter. They don't want you to be able to save the game and replay it over to see both sides' endings. And the choices you make in the quests while you level in the game are apparently going to make a significant difference in your character, probably the abilities he has, and how it is played.

This all amounts to great potential for a phenominal game. Don't let the acronym MMO taint it just because of the common stereotype they have been associated with until now.