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I grew up in Union County and always had tint on my cars. Never been pulled over for my typical 35% tint but I suspect I will be getting pulled over more for the 20% tint on the new m3. Cops will hassle you ALOT more in Bergen/Hudson counties... State/County police don't really care about tint...

Again, most cops are just pulling you over to check up on you if you're not doing anything wrong in the first place or are in a bad neighborhood with a nice car. If you check out ok, you should be fine as long as you're not a dick.

Just do what lugnut said... yes sir, no sir stuff... just don't call a Trooper an Officer and check out the name tag for the Lt. or Sgt. or learn what the stripes/lines on their uniform mean as to not call them Officer if their rank is higher than that. Some municipalities don't do the name tag prefix thing and knowing what the stripes/lines on their uniform will go a long way.

When you get pulled over -
- Two front windows down
- Interior dome light on
- Turn car off
- Left hand out window
- Right hand on steering wheel

When you go to the glove box to produce your documents, tell the officer what you're doing before you do it...