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Originally Posted by LudeAtic View Post
Why is it so hard to get an M3 in the bay area!

Still dealing with Peter Pan right now, and they located the one i want, and decided to get me the fully loaded one (by them "eating the cost") at the same price i wanted for an M3 with less options. That sounded good to me, but waiting days after days without getting a phone call back, plus when i call, they dont even pick up!

That is what happened until saturday, until they finally picked up the phone and they quoted me "the dealership we are working with does not want to trade cars on weekends"....Is this true?

Then the conversation went on and said i will be getting the one i want on Monday guaranteed. Monday comes around and i am still M3-less... The word now is that the M3 in SF has a scratch which i dont want, and the other dealership are stating that I called them for an inquiry and they are dealing with the same customer when I didnt even call.

Am i just getting a run around here? Anyone with knowledge that can give me some input on what is going on? Or, in general, does this usually happen?
First off, it's not right to tell you you have a car and a $1000 deposit is charged for it, but sold it to someone else instead. This first pt would have been enough for me to demand a refund so I can move on. 2nd, the non-responsiveness of this particular dealership should be enough reason for you to move on to another dealer. This market is very soft for these cars and are not selling as well as many dealers hope; hence, the discounts. If they do not appreciate the customers they can get now, then do yourself a favor and move on. It is a buyer's market, even in California. Don't let these guys give you the run around. Tell them you want your money back....I'm sure they'll find you a car immediately if you told them this.
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