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Originally Posted by ideliver View Post
I like the Rays 'cause their team payroll is less than the left side of the Yankees infield (A-Rod and Jeter)
The main reason for this is that most of their talent isn't eligible for the free agent market yet.

What’s the chance they can win it all? They almost shit the bed against the Sox, so I wouldn’t really call them a ‘hot’ team right now. Their inexperience showed with all of the errors, but they had strong starting pitching, and generally good relief.

It will be interesting when they go to Philadelphia and don’t have the cushion of the DH spot. Without solid starts, they’ll have to dig into their bullpen and bench when the batting order comes back around to the pitcher’s spot.

I don’t think the Phillies have strong enough pitching to hold down the Rays. If the Rays lose it’ll probably come down to errors in the field and poor managing (Maddon needs to stop trotting Wheeler out there).

It’s good to see this team have people rooting for them. I just wonder how many of these fans could have named 5 players on the team at the beginning of the season.