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With tires worn on the front the way they are and employees knowing what I like to do I guess it got to the service manager. Hard to hide those things don't you think?

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I recently bought a 2008 M3 and have tracked it several times. First, I had issuses with the suspension and the dealer ordered a new strut for the left front. I ohmed the front motors and found the left front disconnected under a cover and fixed it myself. Now, they tell me the vibration upon brake pedal application is because the front tires need replaced. They also have said the OEM brake fluid is better than Motul and I pointed out the wet and dry boiling points are better for Motul. They don't like the stainless brake hoses either. Test drove the car with a technician and he saw and felt what I was talking about as I had him put his hand on the steering wheel. Also, complained about 3rd gear feeling "notchey" with no grinding. Before the test drive they called and said nothing was wrong with the car. I like the car, but don't think I can deal with this for 4 years. I own an automotive repair business and the future seems clear to me.Therfore I'm very seriously considering selling the car. I just need some advice and/or leads as I feel another dealer will treat me the same.