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Originally Posted by ihyln View Post
I'm in the midst of working out the details of getting a S/C built as a prototype which will go into production eventually. I can't divulge many details as it's in the infancy stages but I do have some questions.

It was noted that the DCT tranny can only handle about 440lb/ft. Would the long term reliability suffer as a result of the new torque being "close" to the max? Say 400lb/ft?

The engine is already running at a fairly high compression ratio, what kind of tolerances, if any are known about the S65 engine? What kind of boost would be tolerable before the internals would have to be beefed up? I understand this is brand new territory so I welcome any/all ideas and remarks.
Shouldn't the company who's developing the S/C be doing this research not you. The fact that they are not offering a warranty would make me run, fast!
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