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Originally Posted by TUNEDM3 View Post
I am thinking of keep the strut in place and just removing the spring from the strut...
You'll need to put a metal (or hard composite) tube over the strut's internal sliders or, as mentioned above, it will just fall apart. The only thing that is keeping the thing together is the spring's tension. You'll see just how little it really does add to "lateral-structural-stability" once it's removed.

Again, this "lateral-stability" discussion has, IMHO, been way overblown in this thread. Funny, I didn't notice anything until someone brought it up and then I checked. VERY LITTLE LATERAL MOVEMENT (go check other cars and see how they move, too...nothing out of the ordinary on the M3 without the strut)...and since I have always just pushed my pedal down and released it, not adding any additional spastic sideways movement, I have never had an issue. I suspect that anyone that does experience any issue with the strut removed would certainly experience issues even with the strut present, as there is a critical flaw in their clutching technique.

So really, it comes down to "do you clutch like a spaz"? If yes, then leave it in. If no, then pull it out and experience a vastly smoother and linear feeling clutch pedal...if you feel the need to improve the current feel of the stock pedal.

Hey, it's free and reverseable. Invest 10 minutes and judge for yourself.

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